Our Story

Madnix House of Pastries
About Us

Madnix House of Pastries started as a small bakery in San Diego in 1940’s. It used to be called Jenny’s House, since it was opened by our great grandmother, Jenny Mason. She never hesitated to share her secrets with the next generation.

Therefore, the recipes she formulated when she opened the business still remained alive until today. The cakes and pastries might now have a different look, but that classic taste remains.

San Diego is also one of the most diverse cities in the world. Seeing people from different walks of life going to the bakery inspired us to change the name to include “House of Pastries”.

We want everyone to know that they’re welcome to our home. We have also expanded our menu to have more sweet treats. Hence, we can’t resist adding Sweet Tooth on the name.

Undying support

We won’t last in this industry if we failed to meet the expectations of many people.

The fact that we have been here for decades, and we kept expanding since then, is a sign that we have the undying support of many people.

We promise to always keep things this way because of the love shown to us.

Come and try

We have great choices for you. We even have special birthday and wedding cakes now.

You can come to us if you want a unique design for these cakes for a special celebration.

Successful Stories

For over several decades, we have managed to satisfy a lot of people with what we have to offer. We are also proud to have expanded the items on our menu because of the support received from our loyal customers. We don’t need to explain it though. Let our customers do the talking.