We have a wide array of options for pastries. All of them are worth trying. We are proud to bring to you some of the best choices that will make you want to have more.

English muffin

This small and round yeast-leavened bread is one of the best treats for you. It’s a classic bread that you just couldn’t resist. It’s a delicious and healthy alternative to what you usually have.


This thin flatbread came from Armenia. We tried to stick to the classic recipe as much as possible to get that desired taste. We also cook it in a traditional tandoori oven. The sesame seeds used were also obtained from Armenia.


This traditional Jewish bread is now a popular choice even for non-Jewish people. It’s a simple bread that you can partner with anything, be it a chocolate or white chocolate dip. We offer both the hard (cracker-like) and soft (tortilla-like) matzo.


This traditional South Asian bread made from elastic dough is brushed with butter and salt. It’s also made from traditional tandoori. We offer various toppings too, including minced meat, garlic, dried fruit, sugar, and many others.


This unleavened bread is like chapatti originated from India, but is also popular in the Caribbean. We offer roti with fillings or various dips, including curry and milk.

Spanish bread

This sweet and simple bread is one of the best morning breads you can ever have. It has a simple, buttery taste you can’t resist.


This rich French bread is one of the best that we have to offer. We also offer fruit toppings, chocolate fillings, and many others.


This soft bread came from Europe and made simply with basic ingredients like flour, milk, eggs, yeast and butter. It’s perfect for breakfast. You can eat it as a plain bread or with soft cheeses and cold meat.

Successful Stories

For over several decades, we have managed to satisfy a lot of people with what we have to offer. We are also proud to have expanded the items on our menu because of the support received from our loyal customers. We don’t need to explain it though. Let our customers do the talking.