Our Products

Our Products

We have a lot to offer to you, and we would be glad to keep providing you with quality pastries and cakes. We have kept improving our list of offers so that there’s one for everyone. Every person with a sweet tooth will probably enjoy what we have in store for you.

Chocolate cakes

We can’t let go of these chocolate cakes. They’re the classic cakes that you’ve always wanted. The perfect combination of being moist, creamy and decadent makes chocolate cakes a top seller.

Birthday cakes

You can let us know if you need a customized birthday cake. We can work with you to come up with a great cake for a special celebration. Regardless of the flavor you want, we can make them for you.

Wedding cakes

We can help design the wedding cake of your dreams. Show us your design or work with our creative team. You can have a simple design or go wild with your imagination.


Who doesn’t love the creamy and soft cheesecake? We have different types of cheesecakes available for you. They also come with fruit toppings if you’re into healthier options.


These sweet cupcakes are irresistible. They’re as fun as they’re flavorful. Vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet are among the best sellers. You will enjoy each option without a doubt.


We gave this traditional French pastry a unique twist. They come in different fillings, designs and styles. We make sure that the dough itself is perfect so the final outcome is exactly what you’re craving for.


Drop by our place for a sweet tasty breakfast. We have different types of toast to offer to you. From fruit toppings to ice cream toppings, we can make them for you. Customized toast is also possible.

Indian bread

If you’re a fan of the classic Indian bread like Nan and Roti, we have them at our bakery. You would love the unique taste these breads have to offer. We also have authentic Indian break makers who will never fail to deliver consistent results.

Successful Stories

For over several decades, we have managed to satisfy a lot of people with what we have to offer. We are also proud to have expanded the items on our menu because of the support received from our loyal customers. We don’t need to explain it though. Let our customers do the talking.