Our store offers different cakes of superb quality and taste. We would love for you to come over and give them a try.

Chocolate coconut cake

We took this chocolate cake to a whole new level by adding shredded coconut. It tastes like something you’ve never tried before.

Carrot and walnut cake

The milky and creamy carrot cake topped by crunch walnut is simply irresistible.

Orange cake

This gluten-free flourless orange cake is one of the best sellers. It offers a unique flavor to start your day.

Vanilla cupcakes

These festive and decorative cupcakes deserve to be on your list of must-haves if you visit the store. The classic vanilla taste is unbelievable.

Wedding cakes

Let us know if you want us to design a special wedding cake for you. We can come make different designs, offer several layers, and use whatever flavor you want.

Birthday cake

If you want to make this birthday even more special, we offer customized birthday cakes. You can surprise your loved on with this wonderful cake.

Red velvet cake

This cake is as classic as it gets. If you’ve loved that creamy and colorful cake while growing up, you will surely feel the same way with this cake.

Lemon cheesecake

We use fresh lemon rinds for this cheesecake. However, that perfect balance of sweet and sour will make your day.

Black forest cake

This rich, creamy, and chocolaty piece of heaven will surely bring you to your knees. It’s like having tons of flavors in one bite.

Classic fruit cake

Enjoy this classic treat for Christmas and other special occasions. With the use of fresh fruits, you will love it in every bite.

Successful Stories

For over several decades, we have managed to satisfy a lot of people with what we have to offer. We are also proud to have expanded the items on our menu because of the support received from our loyal customers. We don’t need to explain it though. Let our customers do the talking.